Africa Tours


Discover Africa with De Trekvogel Travel Agency! Africa is the world’s second largest continent in terms of surface area and attracts attention with its fascinating diversity, natural beauty and rich cultures. This enormous continent offers unique experiences and fascinates every visitor.


Natural beauties

Africa is home to unique natural beauties. Morocco’s souk under the Sahara Desert, wildlife in Kenya’s Maasai Mara, the impressive beauty of Victoria Falls and the views of South Africa’s Cape City are natural wonders to name just a few.


Wildlife and Safari

Africa is the perfect place to explore wildlife. National parks such as Serengeti and Maasai Mara offer the opportunity to observe lions, elephants, zebras and other exotic animals. Safari tours offer an unforgettable experience for those who want to see the rich natural life of the continent up close.


Cultural diversity

Africa is rich with thousands of years of history and a wide variety of cultures. Traditions, dances and crafts of ethnic groups color the continent. The colorful houses of the Bo-Kaap Neighborhood in Cape Town, South Africa, the historical medina in Fes, Morocco, and the Maasai villages in Kenya are just some of the places that reflect cultural richness.


Intracontinental Travel

Traveling between different parts of Africa is a great opportunity to explore diversity and different climates. Each region has its own unique charm, from the pyramids and Sahara Desert of Egypt to the wine countries of South Africa and the white sand beaches of the Seychelles.


Social Responsibility and Charity Works

Africa is an important focus of aid and social responsibility efforts around the world. As De Trekvogel Travel Agency, we invite you to discover Africa and lend a helping hand to this magnificent continent. Each visit provides unforgettable memories and new perspectives, and the magic of Africa touches people’s hearts. This magnificent continent is an endless treasure waiting to be discovered.

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