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Growth hormone Getropin is a renowned brand of growth hormone. The drug is transported in compliance with the temperature regime.

Getropin is a new generation drug containing synthesized somatropin, which is identical to human growth hormone. Growth hormone was first used in the 80s of the last century, and its effectiveness has been confirmed by many studies published in reputable world scientific journals (for example, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, European Journal of Endocrinology).


In the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, humans produce growth hormone (GH), which regulates many processes in the body. Somatropin has a peptide structure, it consists of 191 amino acids.

First of all, somatropin (STH) enhances protein synthesis and affects muscle tissue, providing strong anabolic and anti-catabolic effects. This hormone increases the number of muscle cells and therefore promotes the growth of quality lean muscle. This hormone directly affects the natural secretion of the hormone IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), which is produced in the liver. IGF-1 stimulates muscle hyperplasia (new cell formation).

Another important effect of growth hormone is its ability to reduce body fat. On the one hand, this is due to a change in the ratio of muscle mass to fat. On the other hand, somatropin triggers lipolysis and increases the production of IGF-1, which blocks the transfer of glucose into cells. Thus, the body is forced to use the accumulated fat for energy..

In addition, the growth hormone STH is also considered a "hormone of youth", since it has a positive effect on the condition of the skin and internal organs, as well as on sexual function, bone tissue and brain activity..

Before the closure of the growth zone (25-26 years), somatropin strengthens bones and affects their growth.

How is the secretion of somatropin?

Growth hormone production is regulated by pituitary hormones throughout a person's life.

The level of somatropin during the day has different periods of secretion, an increase in the concentration of the hormone occurs approximately every 3-5 hours, and the maximum peak is observed at night, as a rule, 1-2 hours after falling asleep.

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In adults, on average, the concentration of somatropin in the blood is in the range of 1-5 ng / ml, during peak periods it can reach up to 45 ng / ml.

The natural secretion of GH decreases with age. The maximum concentration is observed in adolescence, and after 20 years there is a sharp decline. This process is clearly visible on the graph:

Healthy sleep, physical activity, food intake or supplements containing certain amino acids have a positive effect on the level of growth hormone production, but this is not enough for high results. That is why, there are special drugs that are artificially synthesized somatropin.

Getropin is the best growth hormone on the market

hormone Getropin

Getropin is an innovative development of recent years. This drug is the most purified lyophilisate produced using the most modern technologies. Laboratory tests of the drug have shown the highest efficiency in comparison with analogues.

The production of Getropin is certified according to the international quality standard GMP, and the raw materials for it have additional certification according to the International Pharmacopoeia.

In addition, the production has its own scientific laboratory, which allows for additional research the 8 best trenbolone cycle tnutrition trenbolone for sale and careful control of production processes for continuous improvement of the drug..

Getropin allows you to go beyond genetic limits

The limiting quality of muscles and the number andriol for sale of muscle cells are genetically laid down. Strength training can only induce muscle hypertrophy, namely an increase in these cells. You can train very hard over the years, but one way or another, there comes an extreme point when muscle growth stops..

The additional use of growth hormone activates the increased production of the protein IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), which is directly involved in the creation of muscle tissue. Due to this, the necessary level of IGF-1 concentration is achieved for muscle hyperplasia, namely the creation of new muscle tissue cells.

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That is why Getropin improves not only the size, but also the quality of the muscles. Due to the fact that the number of muscle cells increases, the muscles become denser and more prominent.

Growth hormone benefits for muscle mass

muscle tissue

Anabolic steroids are believed to be very effective for muscle growth. This is partly true, but steroids have their drawbacks. Such drugs directly affect male sex hormones - testosterone and dihydrotestosterone.

During the intake, the concentration of these hormones is artificially increased, and at the end of the course there is a strong decline, therefore it is necessary to take special supplements to restore the natural secretion and normalize the regulation of male hormones in the body. In addition, against the background of this decline, there is a so-called "rollback" of muscle volume and strength. In addition, the use of steroids has various side effects related to the genitals, hair and skin. Most steroids are contraindicated for women..

Anabolic steroids are prohibited for free sale in the territory of many countries, including in Russia, so there is a high risk of purchasing a fake drug that can cause irreparable harm to health.

Compared to steroid drugs, growth hormone has no effect on sex hormones. Therefore, getropin is suitable for both men and women..

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And, unlike anabolic steroids, GH does not suppress the production of its own hormones. It works by activating IGF-1, which synthesizes new muscle cells. This allows you to get high-quality dry muscles for a long time, because at the end of the course of admission there is no hormonal decline.

A very important plus of growth hormone for muscles is that with judicious use, side effects are not observed. There is a myth that somatropin causes a strong growth of internal organs, as a result of which there is a visible increase in the abdomen, which is observed in bodybuilding in some performing professionals. This can only happen at very high dosages, used without interruption for several years. If the recommendations for use are followed, an increase in internal organs is impossible..

Somatropin (Getropin) is a medicinal product registered in Russia. This hormone has passed all the necessary medical tests, so there is no need to fear about its quality..

Getropin will help you get rid of excess fat

For energy, the body burns either glucose or fatty acids. IGF-1, activated by growth hormone, blocks the entry of glucose into cells so that they cannot use it as their main fuel. At the same time, growth hormone is embedded in the membranes of fat cells and starts the process of lipolysis (the breakdown of fat cells by the body itself). Consequently, when GH is used, the body begins to use energy from fatty acids rather than glucose. It is very important that the lipolysis caused by Getropin works not only for subcutaneous but also for visceral fat (fat deposits on internal organs).

In addition, somatropin is a powerful activator of metabolism, which also directly affects weight loss..

In addition, given that growth hormone protects muscle tissue from catabolism and promotes its qualitative growth, the proportion of fat and muscle tissue changes in favor of the latter..

The percentage of body fat decreases, so the muscles acquire a beautiful relief.

Getropin is suitable for rehabilitation and improves the condition of joints and ligaments

As a result of many studies in recent years, it was found that growth hormone for bodybuilding and sports has a strong regenerative effect, so now it is very often used to repair tissue after injuries. Getropin stimulates collagen production in tendons and skeletal muscle tissue and helps strengthen ligaments and joints.

Due to the high injury rate of many sports, including strength, growth hormone is indispensable for improving the condition of connective tissues.

Getropine helps you train at a higher level

Those who are engaged in bodybuilding and other strength sports note that when taking somatropin, there is a significant improvement in training productivity - with the same level of tension, it becomes possible to perform more approaches and repetitions, as well as an increase in working weights. This is due to the general protective reduce testosterone enanthate info with this test bodybuilding and strengthening effect of GH on the condition of joints and ligaments..

The action of Getropin is to activate the growth of high-quality relief muscles and a comprehensive improvement in the body and increase endurance, which, in combination with strength training, gives an amazing result. In addition, when taking growth hormone, there is an improvement in the regenerative abilities of muscles..

Getropin will prolong your youth and beauty

In the last decade, STH has been actively used in anti-aging therapy all over the world. After 30 years, growth hormone is produced in the body in small quantities, and the level of its concentration drops by 14% every ten years. This manifests itself, both in appearance and in the internal state of the body. Wrinkles begin to appear, the skin ceases to be elastic and loses color, muscles lose density, and fatigue increases. To preserve beauty and health in modern pharmaceuticals, many different drugs are presented, however, Getropin is considered one of the most effective.

With the right dosages, taking growth hormone can keep your body young for a long time. This is due to the effect of somatropin on the internal processes of the body, namely the restoration of damaged cells and the formation of new ones. With an increase in the concentration of this hormone, a qualitative improvement in the condition of muscle and connective tissue occurs, the fat layer decreases, the skin improves and wrinkles are minimized, and the hair is restored and becomes thicker.

In addition, the reception of Getropin increases the overall vitality and activity of the body, and also significantly improves sexual function..

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Getropin naturally increases the secretion of somatropin throughout the course of administration, and the effect lasts for several months.

Who is the reception of Getropin suitable for??

Research confirming the effectiveness of growth hormone has been conducted with groups of athletes as well as with groups of people with inactive lifestyles. For example, with an increase in the concentration of somatropin in ordinary people, there is a significant increase in muscle mass and a decrease in the level of subcutaneous fat with the same lifestyle and without adjustments in terms of nutrition. To rejuvenate the body and improve joints and ligaments, STH is suitable for all people.

But most often, it is bodybuilders and athletes who use growth hormone to gain muscle mass. Combined with training, Getropin allows incredible progress for both professionals and amateurs. Growth hormone somtaropine for athletes is indispensable for the most effective preparation for the competitive season.

How to take Getropin

Getropin is a purified synthesized somatropin in vials containing 10 IU of the active substance.

The duration of the course of taking growth hormone to achieve a noticeable and sustainable effect is at least 2 months. The most optimal duration of admission is 3 months, the maximum is six months.

In the first course, the dosage is 5 U per day, which can be divided into 2 injections of 2.5 U each (used in the morning and in the evening) or as one injection.

Depending on the goal, dosages may differ:

to increase muscle mass: up to 10 units per day;

for fat burning: 4-8 units per day;

for the restoration of joints and ligaments after injuries: 2-5 units per day;

for the treatment of age-related changes and preservation of youth: 1-4 units per day.

Growth hormone on the website

On the Internet you can find a large number of sites offering growth hormones, so buyers often have a question "where to buy a real and high-quality drug?".

On our site, only the original muscle growth hormone Getropin is presented in an innovative heat-resistant package. The kit includes the drug itself (5 vials) and everything you need for injections - ampoules with distilled water and disposable syringes.

We work directly with the manufacturer, so has the lowest price for Getropin. If you find a real drug at a lower price, we will make it even cheaper! And besides, we 100% guarantee the quality of growth hormone. To protect against counterfeit drugs, the site has implemented an online verification system for security codes from packaging.

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In order to buy the growth hormone Getropin, you can place an order directly on the website or from the official representatives of million-plus cities and other large cities of Russia.

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