DURATION:  5 gün / 4 gece
ITINERARY: Brussels-Iraq- Brussels

DAY 1 Flying to Najaf by Iraq Airlines
3 hours lates, arrival to Najaf at 11:40
Welcoming at the airport and transfer to hotel
Visiting the holy tomb of Imam Ali after relaxing
Turning back to hotel for accommodation

Moving to Kufe which is home Imam Ali, after breakfast
Visiting the tomb of Muslim Ibn Aqeel and the ancient Kufe Mosque
Turning back to hotel after visiting Al Sahla Mosque
Going on the visitings in the afternoon
Dinner and accommodation in Najaf


Traveling to Karbala after breakfast at the hotel
Visiting Imam Hussain's Shrine and Al Abbas Holly Shrine
Turning back to hotel
Moving far city tour in the afternoon
Dinner and accommodation in the hotel


Visiting Al-Hurr Ibn Yazid al Riyani tomb after breakfast in the hotel
Turning bak to hotel to relax
Visiting Karbala market in the afternoon and turning back to city
Dinner and accommodation in the hotel


Transfer to the airport after breakfast in the hotel
Checking in at the airport
Istanbul connecting flight to Brussels





  • Economy class Brussels-Najaf-Brussels flight ticket
  • Half board accommodation (Breakfast+Dinner)
  • Accommodation in Najaf (2 nights)
  • Accommodation in Karbala (2 nights)
  • Airport - Hotel - Airport transfers with air-conditioned luxurious vehicles
  • Visiting all religious sites and professional religious guidance
  • Entrance fees at Iraq Airport and on highways
  • Counselor fee for Iraq visa
  • Private travel insurance
  • Suprises on the way (Travel suit)
  • Guidance service


  • Baggage surcharge 20+ kg.
  • Personel guide cost
  • Personel charges in the hotel
  • 85$ toll
  • 10$ airport tax
  • All Lunch


    • All women visitors should get dressed in long black dress with black headscarf
    • All visitors should wear comfortable trainers or slipers
    • Clothes should be made from cotton and should not be sudoriferous
    • Women should need an umbrella and men should wear a hot because  of the hot weather



      KARBALA :

  1. Imam Hussain's Shrine
  2. Al Abbas Holy Shrine
  3. 72 Martyrs Graves in Al Abbas Holy Shrine
  4. The Grave of Habib Ibn Muzahir
  5. The Grave of Hazrat Ibrahim the son of Imam Zeynel Abidin
  6. Martyrs Graves in Hazrat Ibrahim's Shrine
  7. Al-Tall al-Zaynabi


  • Ali mezarı ve türbesi
  • Adem’ in makamı
  • Nuh peygamberin makamı
  • Mescid-i Hannane’ yi
  • İmam-ı Zaman Mescidi’ ni
  • Haymegah (Imam Hussain's Hazrat Ebulfezl's, Ali Akber's Ali Asgar's, Imam Zeynel Abidin's and Zeyneb's tent place)
  • The place where Ali Asgar was martyred
  • Maqaam of Hazrat Mehdi
  • Fırat River
  • Maqaam of Imam Sadik
  • The place where Al-Abbas's right arm was cut
  • The place where Al-Abbas's left arm was cut
  • The Grave of Hazrat Hurr
  • The Grave of Hazrat Avn (the son of Hazrat Zeyneb)
  • The Grave of Mohammed and Ibrahim who are Hazrat Muslims's sons
  • The place where Hazrat Hussain's head was cut
  • Seyyid Ibrahim who is grandson of Musa-i Kasim
  • The room where Imam Zeynel Abidin stayed when he was ill
  • The water well of Hazrat Al-Abbas
  • The bridge tent of Imam Hassan's son Cenab-ı Kasım


  • Hazrat Ali's Shrine
  • Maqaam of Hazrat Adam
  • Maqaam of Hazrat Noah
  • Masjid Hanana
  • Mosque of Imam Zaman


  • Maytham al-Tammar Shrine
  • House of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (maqaams of Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Fatma, Hazrat Hassan, Hazrat Hussain, Rukeyye Ummu Gulsum)
  • Great Mosque of Kufa
  • The tomb of Muhtar who took Imam Hussain's revenge
  • Maqaam of Hani Ibn Urve
  • The place where the Noah's boat was built
  • The moaqaams of Hazrat Adam, Hazrat Gabriel and Zeynel Abidin
  • The place where Hazrat Ali was mertyred
  • The tomb of Kumeyl Ibn Ziyad
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